Businesses are now in competition to get the most out of their online customers. In this digital age, entrepreneurs now have websites where they sell their products and services. Websites ensure that they are well-positioned online.

Website marketing can help entrepreneurs beat their competition. Through the use of creative website marketing strategies, website traffic can be increased. These strategies also help in website promotion. Entrepreneurs need to implement the following 10 creative website marketing strategies for them to realize their goals:

1. Being SEO Friendly

SEO needs to be readily adopted by business owners. This is because it can work wonders for virtually any website. Your website can be easily discovered through the implementation of SEO. Through the adoption of a strong SEO strategy, an increase in traffic can be witnessed. Ensure that your keywords lead to conversions rather than just traffic.

2. Develop A Useful Online Tool

A lead magnet can help you get people’s contact information. Rather than buying an email list, you need to create a tool that will interest people as well as benefit them. People should freely give you their information. A guide, an ebook, a coupon code, and many more tools can help you capture direct leads.

3. Join Facebook Groups

You need to find your audience first for you to connect with them. Join groups where your target audience is. Provide insightful comments on any queries they have. Don’t forget to promote your website while doing so.

4. Incorporate Interactive Content

Interactive content can help you with marketing your website. Why not add images, an infographic or a video to your content? Visitors to your site will share content that they love and enjoy. For optimal conversions, don’t forget to add robust calls to action to your content.

5. Create Great Content

Entrepreneurs need to have great content. You need to exercise great care when developing your website’s content, more so for written content. Your content needs to be captivating. A potential customer should purchase your products or services after reading your content. Great website content needs to be interesting, continuous, and consistent.

6. Capitalize On Existing Frameworks

You don’t need a fancy or complex website. This is mainly for startups and small businesses. As an entrepreneur, you need to understand your website’s purpose. You should make your site more accessible and faster using existing frameworks. You can save lots of marketing costs by embarking on this.

7. Develop A Conclusive FAQ Page

Every business longs for a top-of-the-funnel marketing strategy. By having your FAQ page, great service is provided to your site’s visitors. A FAQ page provides the needed transparency within your website. They can now turn into actual customers once they’ve trusted you. Always provide clear and honest answers on your FAQ page.

8. Use Images Optimally

People love sites that load fast. As part of your creative website marketing strategies, why not implement that? You’ll enjoy more traffic by optimizing your images. This can be accomplished using several tools.

Also, remember to keep image sizes small. More time is taken to load a large image. Google also doesn’t favor slow page speed.

9. Adopt Engaging Videos

Use videos for your site if you are in for creativity. To produce engaging videos, you need to incorporate them in your blogs. These videos can be hosted on sites such as Vimeo or Youtube. Your videos then need to be embedded in your website.

10. Become A Guest Writer

For this to work for you as an entrepreneur, you have to be an expert in your niche. Get in touch with reporters or writers within your niche to find out whether they will accept your content. Traffic to your website can increase when your content is published in a media outlet or a leading website in your niche.

A website is important for any entrepreneur. It can help you reach out to many people and grow. You need to adopt the discussed creative website marketing strategies to help you as an entrepreneur and your website.