Search engine optimization is a process where you improve the organic rankings of a particular website for particular keywords in the search engines such as Google. For example, if you have a website that is about dogs and you have a page that reviews different dog foods, you can do SEO so that page ranks on the first page of Google for keywords such as “dog food reviews”, “best dog food” etc. The higher your page ranks in Google and other search engines, the more traffic or visitors you will get. This is highly effective, especially if you sell dog food on that page. The more visitors you get, the more people will convert into buyers. For example, if you only get 50 people visiting the page every day and your conversion rate is 10%, then only 5 people will buy dog food. However, if you use SEO to increase your search engine rankings and you now get 200 people visiting that page per day, then you will likely get around 20 people buying dog food. So, once you understand this well, you can easily see how valuable SEO is for small businesses.

SEO can help you to get thousands of new and targeted visitors to your website every day which can greatly boost your business. It is a digital marketing strategy that is extremely affordable especially when compared with other forms of getting traffic. For example, when compared to paid advertising, SEO always wins because it doesn’t cost much and you will be able to get lasting traffic that will continue visiting your site, many months and even years after you’ve stopped doing SEO. However, with paid traffic, you will only get the traffic that you pay for. So, if you stop paying for traffic, then your traffic will go down to 0.

Now, it is best that small businesses add SEO to their marketing strategy, especially if they want long term growth. SEO not only gets you traffic but it is also great for your branding. When you do SEO and get your business ranked number one on Google, then this will provide a positive branding effect. Many people go to Google first when looking for businesses and by being number one, most people will see your business as being the better business to purchase from. It will also increase the popularity of your brand and you will soon have many loyal customers who keep returning. This is the goal of most businesses; to have loyal customers that always keep coming back.

In order to do SEO, you will have to focus on the on page elements of your website as well as the off page. This means figuring out your keywords and then optimizing each one of your pages for relevant keywords. On page SEO has become more complicated over the years and its not just about keyword density. You now have to ensure that you use your keywords and related keywords in the most important parts of each page such as the title, URL, headings etc. Also, you will need to ensure that your entire website is fast and it doesn’t have any errors or elements that would cause bad user interactions.

Off page SEO refers to backlinking which is also a bit tricky. Google is quite quick to penalize unnatural looking links or any hints that you’re buying links. So, you need to be very careful where you build your links and you have to strive to have a natural backlink pattern.

To wrap things up, we have just looked at how important SEO is for business and a few quick tips on how to get started with it. So, be sure to implement SEO on your site so you can enjoy the immense benefits that will move your business forward.