Having huge amounts of people practically locked in their homes, the COVID-19 crisis has caused big adjustments to the global economic system. Entire sectors have already been suspended, like travel and accommodation. Other people are having difficulties in adapting the situations while others are having more free time.

It’s a difficult time for all, including marketers. That is the reason why we come up with content ideas which are worth your attention throughout the global lockdown.

Topics for travel marketers…

There isn’t any avoiding the effects of COVID around the travel sector. However, a few topics offer potential for content creators, so there isn’t any reason to become inactive.

In spite of the shutdown, travel insurance observed an increase since vacations were terminated and flights are grounded. Therefore, it would be a great time to show readers methods to protect their trips or request for compensation.

The situation also has exposed new possibilities which wouldn’t usually be available. For example, whenever who have drones to capture tourist spots such as Florence or Venice without the crowds, the footage can be incorporated into virtual tours, providing a glimpse of what to anticipate whenever travel resumes. Broadly shared images of wildlife showing up in tourist cities may also be included into the content about sustainable travel.

Life under lockdown has generated opportunities…

Some other trending topics connect with the lifestyle changes which all have encountered because of lockdowns, and might well work as anchors for content which draws in attention. For instance, homeschooling has certainly experienced a big uptick in traffic. Educational content ideas will definitely strike a chord, even when it features a business slant.

Online classes have already been accepted all over the world. So, when you have an area of expertise, take some time to transform that expertise into pieces of instruction – there can be gains to be made.

After that there’s the big concern of working at home. Readers would like doable ideas about ergonomics, what apps to utilize, how you can handle time, office room decorations, easy games to play between work, snack choices – whatever that could make a home based job more productive. There’s so much to be achieving with there, and it pertains to nearly every sector.

Lastly, it’s essential to remember that lots of people are going through serious financial and professional insecurity because of COVID, and it is shown in search trends too. If you’re able to assist with financial guidance, suggestions for training, sharpening up CVs, or simply offering reassurance, this could get a ready audience.

Bring in traffic by creating entertainment part of your content…

Working at home isn’t the sole lockdown-related problem which is generating web searches as well as trending topics. Obviously, the billions of individuals restricted to their homes due to COVID should also be kept entertained.

There haven’t been a lot of people looking for ways to divert themselves and fill up vacant time. That may potentially be a goldmine for knowledgeable creators.

Common topics can include doing suggestions regarding Netflix shows that connect to your topic, or recommending video games for clients to play. However you can go even more, making online challenges and quizzes, as well as advertising this content to raise your audience.

People also are continuing to go shopping and SEO is more essential than ever before since the majority of this business is happening online. Thus, businesses which haven’t streamlined their online purchasing services must take time to do this. Also, the public will still be romancing one another through sophisticated “home dates” or online relationships. Therefore dating, eating, dancing – all these things still need a notable place in search stats.

Make use of search trends to make an audience during lockdown…

This isn’t any time to reduce the pace and range of content creation jobs. Definitely not. With a lot of people having mobile phones or computers, it’s time for connecting with the public and present as many people as you can how perfectly you could communicate, and just how important your goods or services actually are. Ideally, this run-down of trending subjects provides a few tips for content ideas.